Our philosophy

We deeply believe that people have an inherent need to express themselves, especially in this world where standardization has become the rule. Digital tools combined with 3D printing are a huge opportunity to get ideas out and make them real. We are committed to give everyone an easy access to the best technology and unleash creativity, talent and inspiration.

Who we are

Maxime Quiblier

Maxime Quiblier - CEO

Passionate about creative application of new technologies, Maxime wants everyone to access the power of 3D tools, and to unleash his creative power. He's now managing the talented Skimlab team with this purpose in mind!

Sébastien Najjar

Sébastien Najjar - CTO

Information System engineer with a strong interest in general computer sciences, Sebastien likes challenges. As our Chief Technical Officer, he's dedicating his days to do what has never been done before.

Claire Ritter

Claire Ritter - CMO

Passionate about fashion and design, Claire is amazed by what technology can offer. Her wish is to bring creation to everyone, in particular through the Jweel project.

Hervé Rohou

Hervé Rohou - CSO

Methodical and perfectionnist scientist, Hervé, with a little help from maths, keeps on working to increase the performances and capacities of the Skimlab tools.